Sunday, February 13, 2011

Making it Work For Me

Like many other soon to be new moms, I had made the decision to strictly breastfeed our son. While I have heard good and BAD breastfeeding stories, I was bound and determined to make it work for me.

Our son arrived just recently, January 14th, 2011. As soon as I saw him I was in love. I now understand the want and need to provide everything possible for this little man- this includes breastfeeding. Since baby B was breech, we had a scheduled C-Section, which was a bit scary since this was our first baby. Knowing we were going to have the C-Section I wasn't sure how the breastfeeding would begin, since I would be a little out of it after he was born. This is where our nurse came in.

We were lucky enough to have our baby class instructor as our nurse and lactation consultant- which made both my husband and I much more comfortable with the whole birthing and breastfeeding process. She knew of my want to breastfeed and my concerns about the process. She reassured me she would help me latch baby B as soon as I was comfortable after surgery. And she held true to her promise! Within 30 minutes of being in recovery our baby was latched on and getting his first taste of Colostrum. Again, if it were not for her, I wonder how easy this breastfeeding would have been for me.

As we approached the day of leaving the hospital, I was nervous about several things, but mainly about continuing the breastfeeding process. It all seemed to be going off without a hitch- baby B had been latching extremely well, on his own, since the first time we attempted. I wondered if it would continue to be that easy......

It was that easy, for the first week and a half, but then for some reason he began to fuss and fight breastfeeding. While I generally have a high patience level, this threw me off! I became frustrated and began doubting myself and my ability to successfully make it through this new adjustment period.

Desperate to make breastfeeding work for him and I, I began researching different holds and techniques--finally settling on using the boppy pillow, which was difficult right after surgery because of my incision. With this new technique, we have regained our consistent ability to breastfeed! He seems to be more comfortable and I seem more relaxed again, knowing I am providing him with what he needs.

My story, I am sure, is like many new mothers- uncertain and questioning her abilities to provide the most natural food for her child. With all the questions, uncertainty, pain, struggle, I know my son is receiving the best nutrition possible!

Patricia Mom to Baby B - 1 month