Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Bras aren't the only things that offer support!

Although Breastfeeding obviously revolves around me and my milkers, I could not have EVEN gotten this far without the support and patience of my husband!

Those first few confusing days when I was tired and in pain, he would come from wherever he was in the house to help me calm her down, latch her properly, and make sure that I had enough water to last the session. In the hospital when the nurses were reaching out to help me get her situated, they had to try and reach over him because he was already there, coaxing her mouth to "open wide" and “make duck lips". He made sure I was comfortable, hydrated and that all of her nursing sessions were being written down.

As a result of all of my husband’s thoughtful efforts ( well obviously mine, our daughter never had any problems nursing, and only ever lost 2 oz of her birth weight. Now that those days of the crazy baby fog are (mostly) gone, he is still the pillar of support for breastfeeding. During a recent wedding out of the country, my husband tracked down the catering manger to get me an open private room where I could breast feed our daughter since the outfit I was wearing required me to take off my shirt completely. Any time we are in public he always helps me find a place to feed our daughter even if it means sitting in the car with me.

I am truly blessed to have such a supportive husband! I have no idea how I would have gotten through those first few weeks without him!

Sara 27, Zara 6 months

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  1. Love it! I totally agree! Without my supportive husband getting up with me every two hours struggling to learn to work a nipple shield, i would have NEVER gotten to 9 months of breastfeeding! :) A support system is SO important!