Thursday, April 22, 2010

Drying out....

Our supply is totally Tanking - of stories for this blog that is!! 

(sorry for the awful breastfeeding humor... I am a little tired these days, and it doesn't take much to make me laugh!)

Can anyone help out and contribute a story? 
Maybe you know someone who would love to write an entry?

I know time is precious.  But I know I love reading these stories.  I hope we get some soon!

Thanks!  Hope everyone is having a wonderful April!  Happy Earthday!

(PS - there was a wonderful story submitted by a follower.  I tried to email you back to let you know the text was all messed up, and haven't heard from you.   I would love to share your story here, and don't want you to think I didn't put it up because I didn't like it.  Hope to hear back from you!)


  1. I'll contribute. I'll start writing my BF story send send it over to you in the next day or so.


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