Monday, April 11, 2011

Giveaway {Undercover Mama}

Hi all!  I have a fun and fabulous giveaway going on my regular blog.  It is hands down one of the best nursing gear products on the market.  So check out my review - and then head over to Family and Life in Las Vegas - for your chance to win an Undercover Mama Tank!

"Breastfeeding" "Nursing Clothes" "Nursing Top" "Family" "Family and Life in Las Vegas"

I first saw Undercover Mama at the 2010 ABC Kids Expo here in Las Vegas. I was SO impressed. It was another moment of: Why didn't I think of that? At the time Squishy and I were coming to the end of breastfeeding, but I wished I had had one from the very beginning.

So what is Undercover Mama? It is a tank top that turns any shirt into a nursing shirt! It is so easy to use - just slide it on to your bra strap or use the new hook and loop attachment!

"Breastfeeding" "Nursing Clothes" "Nursing Top" "Family" "Family and Life in Las Vegas"

The Tanks come in many different colors, and a wide range of sizes! They are made from 95% cotton and 5% spandex, and best of all, are long enough to keep ALL of you covered while nursing. Whether you tuck it in or leave it out for the layered look, you won't have to worry about your stomach or back showing while you are nursing! I really LOVE the extra length.
  • SMALL 32A/B-34D
  • MEDIUM 34D-36C/D
  • LARGE 36E-38C/D
  • XLARGE 38D-40C
  • XXLARGE 40D-42F
Check out this video to see how it works!

Even though I am not currently breastfeeding - the fact the Undercover mama is so easy to use, allows you to wear more and still feel confident nursing, and that it is so comfortable, Undercover Mama has earned a spot in my Must Have baby products. This also means it gets a rating of EXTREMELY SQUISHABLE! (10/10)

"Review Rating Scale" "Family and Life in Las Vegas"

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