Sunday, June 13, 2010

Readers, I need your feedback!!

Hey all!
I am taking a break from our regular posts to ask you all a couple of questions, as well as some general comments that I would like to make.  Your feedback is really important to me. So thanks for taking the time to read this and respond.  I want to continue to make this blog a place where women like me can come to read wonderful stories from other women.

1. To start I wanted to let you all know that if you submit a story and I don't respond to you quickly, please hang in there with me.  My husband has deployed overseas for his job (He works for the military as a civilian contractor).  I don't have family in town yet, (my sister-in-law will be moving here shortly) so it is just me and my baby.  Sometimes life keeps me super busy, and on my toes, and by the end of the day I'm wiped.  I do my best to check for new stories as often as I can, but if there is a little delay, I apologize. 

2.  Recently I had the blog re-designed.  I had a reader comment that while they liked the face-lift, it was hard to read.  I love hearing things like this from readers, anything I can do to make reading these beautiful stories a better experience I would like to do.  Unfortunetly I don't know to what the reader was exactly referrring. I would like your feedback so I can have it fixed.  Is it the white background that makes it hard to read? The polka dots?  The font color?  I appreciate all your kind suggestions.  Thanks!

3. Do you think only one story should be posted a day?  Stories seemed to be submitted in waves.  We won't have any for quite a while, and then boom 3-4.    Do you like the one a day rule, or do you think I should just post them as I get them?

4.  Please remember to include a title in your submissions, your first name/age, and your child(ren)'s name(s)/age(s).  You don't have to include names if you aren't comfortable with it, but I would appreciate any information you are willing to provide.  I personally think it helps readers like me connect with the story more.  Also I try my best to correct grammar/spelling in the posts, but like any sleep deprived mother I don't catch everything.  Please feel free to email me if you see something that needs to be changed.

5.  How do you feel about an occasional product review/giveaway?  I was recently given the opportunity to review a product and host a giveaway.  While it is not directly related to breastfeeding, it is something that most of us mamas with babies would use.  I would love to host it here, but don't want to start doing those reviews/giveaways if my readers would be offended/turned off by them.  Please give me your feedback.

6.  Also don't forget to grab our badge and post it on your own blogs.  Anyway to get the word out about this blog so we can have more stories is great!  If you have any other ideas on how to promote or improve the blog, feel free to through them out there.  I appreciate your readership very much.  If there is anything I can do to improve the blog I would love to do it.

Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend!


  1. Hi! I will try and address all your questions.....

    1)Don't worry about it! We all understand being busy moms, and you have your hands full with your hubby being gone.

    2)I like the new look, but I would have to agree that it can be tough on the eyes to keep focused and read the posts. I think that it is the polka dots. It may also be a combination of the colors (black and white) and the dots and how much they stand out. It might work if they didn't pop out as much?

    3)As long as you post each story as it's own post, I would think that you would be find posting them as you receive them, but I could also see the benefit of only posting one per day.

    4) - Skipping-

    5)Giveaways are fun!

    6)Done...check it out!

  2. 1) you are doing a great job.
    2) I don't think it is hard to read, I like the view of the blog
    3) I like the one a day rule.
    4) Product review/giveaways are fine as long as they are not daily and it doesn't overtake the blog.
    5) badge on blog-done!

  3. I like having 1 story a day, it also it good to keep people returning to your blog.

    A little design critique: The polka-dot background (left and right hand sides)is very distracting and makes it difficult for they eye to focus on the text in the post. The high-contrast dots compete with the text, especially since the curves in Century Gothic are so circular (like the dots).

    I plan to write my own story , but I am still early in my breast-feeding journey. My daughter is only 6 months old and we have such a long way to go.

  4. Thanks Ladies - I will have it changed. Let me know what you think once it is changed. Thanks!